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Welcome to Lumbee River Christian Bible College Library

The Lumbee River Christian College Library is a major source of information for theological study and research serving the needs of the faculty and students of the college. In keeping with the Purpose Statement of Lumbee River Christian College (LRCC), the Mission of the Library is to provide the bibliographic resources, research services, and the study environment necessary to support the academic and related educational programs offered by LRCC to equip Christians, particularly Native American Christians, to be effective in ministry to God, the Church, and the world.

Located at the south end of the Administration Building, the LRCC Library houses over 36,000 volumes (books, serials, sound and video recordings), CD-ROMs, and vertical files. Approximately two thirds of the library materials are in the religion category. A vast array of information is also available to LRCC Library patrons via the Internet, accessible through 4 patron computer stations in the library. Internet resources may be accessed via links on the LRCC Library Internet Resources and the LRCC Library Government Resources Web pages.


Although students of all ethnic backgrounds are welcome at Lumbee River Christian College, the college was founded for the purpose of and has a special interest in serving the Native American population. Hence, the Library houses a special Native American Collection.

The facilities are conducive to study, all areas of the library are handicapped accessible, and the building itself is centrally located on the campus.

Although the Library is primarily for the use of the faculty, staff, and students of Lumbee River Christian College, with the approval of the college president or the library director, external users with a demonstrated need to consult the collections and local clergy of any Christian faith may register for onsite use of the collection, without borrowing privileges. The faculty, staff, and students have priority in the use of materials, equipment, staff assistance, service, and seating.

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