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Thank you for your interest in Lumbee River Christian College!


I believe the days in which we live provide the greatest opportunity for evangelism we have ever seen in our world and our nation. To reap the harvest in these last days will require qualified and well trained men and women.

Lumbee River Christian College (LRCC) is constantly improving to meet the challenges of our day. Our faculty members are well qualified in their fields and are interested not only in academic excellence but also in the spiritual growth of each of our students. At LRCC, the Bible is the focus of education and great emphasis is placed on the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

If God has called you into His service as pastor, evangelist, missionary, or teacher, or you simply wish to study for personal enrichment, I extend to you a personal invitation to become a student at LRCC.

Lumbee River Christian College offers a Bachelor of Religious Education degree with a dual major in Bible and Christian Education, Bible and Ministerial Studies, or Bible and Missions and an Associate of Religious Education degree. For further information on the programs being offered, please check our Degree link.

This website is provided to better acquaint you with Lumbee River Christian College and its programs of study. Take time to look through the pages carefully. Feel free to download information, including an application form. Please contact us, if you have any further questions. We are here for you.

May God guide you as you seek His direction for your life.

James A. Keys


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