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James D. Kelly (1930-2020), Former President of Native American Bible College (now Lumbee River Christian College).

February 3, 2021 - Liisa Kelly


A committed Christian from his youth, James D. Kelly was a man of faith and prayer, dedicated to pursuing the will of God in his life. Once he knew God’s will, he would diligently and unwaveringly go after it. He was a man of integrity and principle, never following his personal interests, but that of the Lord and of the team with whom he worked. He walked humbly refusing to take credit for the things the Lord used him to accomplish giving the glory to God instead. What he did rejoice in was that he was a country plowboy from West Florida, a vessel whom the Lord chose to use in His kingdom work. So what did the Lord use him to do?

  • Serve as a pastor for about 20 years, his last pastorate being in Shelby, North Carolina where he was instrumental in planting the church and overseeing building the church structure as well.

  • Serve as a missionary in Africa (1978 – 1992), primarily in Liberia, West Africa where he served as the founding president of Liberia Assemblies of God Bible College, overseeing the building of a three-story building including offices, classrooms, chapel, and library; dormitories; and cafeteria.

  • Serve as a missionary among Native Americans (Lumbee Tribe) in Shannon, North Carolina where he served at Native American Bible College (now Lumbee River Christian College) as president (1993-2005 and Dec. 2009-May 2010 as interim), vice president for administration, professor, speaker, and faithfully doing whatever his hand found to do, including things considered menial in man’s eyes. Although he never claimed to be a builder, he was used by the Lord to organize and assist building teams and raise the funds for the following buildings on the college campus, each one being completed debt-free: cafeteria, academic building, four-bay garage, library extension, chapel, and Hubert Boese Residence Hall.


Over the years James Kelly’s faithful walk with the Lord made a lasting impact on numerous peoples’ lives, many of whom are now pursuing the calling and path the Lord had for them, thus in turn impacting others to follow Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory!

2009-2010 Jim Kelly serving as Interim P
1. Jim Kelly with 2 sisters and the mule

Lumbee River Christian College Welcomes Back Students

January 9, 2021 - Rebekah Nichols

Move in day for this semester was January 8th, LRCC faculty and staff are so excited to welcome our students back on campus! Over the break, faculty have been prayerfully preparing their classes, while staff has been diligently working to prepare for the new semester's arrival. Our registrar has processed student's registration and prepared student's textbooks for pick-up. The library has been processing new material and reorganizing some of the study areas to better accommodate the student's needs. In addition to this, we have a new Campus Pastor who is planning to lead our chapel services this coming semester. We are looking forward to all God is going to accomplish at Lumbee River Christian College this semester!

Christmas Light Contest Results

December 23, 2020 - Dr. John Davis

The LRCC Student Council sponsored a campus-wide Christmas decorating contest. The hope was that the decorations would brighten the world a little and draw attention to LRCC in the wider community. Four teams participated in decorating the administration building, both residence halls, and the sign on the main road. The results went beyond expectations with exceptional work done especially with the winning team on Cookman Hall. This team led by ‘Heavy’ Nichols and covered the front sides, roof, and grounds.In front of the hall with lights, decorations, and a nativity. A side benefit to the students in this Covid impaired time was a social activity that was outside and in small groups but part of a larger activity. 

Christmas Lights 1.jpeg
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